Beer Fest – Karl Von Stevens Und His Six Pack

Beer Fest – Karl Von Stevens Und His Six Pack

How could I not pick this record out of the pack?


With such hits as Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen and Happy Little Oom-Pah-Pah, you’ve probably never heard of Karl Von Stevens Und His Six Pack. I’m actually pretty sure that no one on the internet has heard of him – other than a few listings selling the record on ebay and some vinyl websites that note the records existence, I can’t find a single thing on this guy or this album.

I can’t even attempt to describe the musical style. I think it’s polka? Searching some of the song titles in the googles, I think some of these gems are good ol’ Karl’s takes on classic German folk songs.

My favorite song on the album is on Side 1. It’s called Lustig Un Zufrieden, it’s on Side 1, and it’s basically (what I think is) polka music interrupted by a weird standup routine in a thick accent. It goes like this –

Guy 1 – “You know Kraus, I am a very practical farmer.
Guy 2 – “Is that so?”
Guy 1 – “Ya, I can plow, reap, milk cow, shoe a horse, in fact I’d like to see something on the farm I cannot do.”
Guy 2 – “ha ha ha, CAN YOU LAY AN EGG?!” –

Some of the “bits” that interrupt the songs are literally unintelligible because of how think their accents are, which make it even better.

I couldn’t find any recordings of the album anywhere, so I recorded each side. These recordings, I’m assuming, will be my legacy.



I have no idea who bought this record, or how my Papa ended up with it, but I am so glad it found its way to me. Prosit!


Karl Von Stevens Beer Fest

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